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The United States Mounted Games Association is the U.S. member of the International Mounted Games Association. Its stated goal is "to promote friendship among people of all nations." In pursuit of this goal USMGA yearly sends riders to competitions in some of the 24 countries involved in riding games on four continents.

Mounted games is a highly atheltic horse sport in which riders joust at targets, pick up rings with swords and vault on and off their horses as they ride in 26 different relay races. U.S. riders meet in friendly competition with riders from other countries and learn a great deal about the world, about themselves and about the similarities and differences between themselves and other riders around the world.

When U.S. riders are abroad they ride borrowed ponies that are loaned or which riders lease. Despite trying to keep costs to a minimum it is frequently a financial hardship for riders to represent their country, and many very talented young riders are unable to have the honor of representing their country despite their amazing abilities and the kind of outstanding character that makes friends for the U.S. throughout the world.

Mounted games in general is a low-cost horse sport compared to many other disciplines. Riders can compete on backyard horses and ponies and learn a great deal about horsemanship and team spirit. It engenders a love and appreciation of horses and other horse people. Each team has five riders of which four ride in each race, and young people learn to rely on each other as they compete in each relay race.

For horse people who want to support young riders we have a crowd funding account to contribute to the expenses of riders who are selected to represent their beloved country overseas. Please contribute to support a particular rider or team competing this year in New Zealand, France or South Africa.

For more information please visit the official USMGA website.